Our journey starts ….

Firstly, we’re not actually a company … yet.  This is our aspiration though – but more on that later.  Here’s a little history to what has piqued our interest in soap making  –

Soap School

A while back I started looking into attending a cold process soap making workshop so that Corinne could take this up as a hobby at home following on from the melt and pour style soap making she had tried.  I found that there are quite a number of schools dotted around the UK but one in particular caught my attention:  The Little Soap School held by Emma Heathcote-James of the Little Soap Company.  You can read the background of the company on Emma’s website but essentially this brilliant lady worked very hard at something she loved doing (soap making) and transformed a hobby into a hugely successful business whose products sell across the nation in some very large stores.  Her approach to soap making  – organic, local/responsibly sourced ingredients – and enthusiasm was something that appealed greatly.  So I booked the course for Corinne and thought I’d go too in order to support her, and then something I did not expect happened …. I enjoyed it!

The enthusiasm that Emma has when conducting this course is infectious and soon I was absorbed with all the possibilities for recipes.  What base oils to use, what liquid to use for creating the lye mix, nutrient oils, what essential oils, clays, seeds, peel, pigments – I was intrigued by the combinations of elements but also with the careful balancing act of ensuring that the ingredients were in the correct proportions for safety, quality and appeal.  We made six batches in total at the school and they made the car smell wonderful on the way back home!

At the soap school

At the soap school

Our first soaps

Our first soaps

I’d heartily recommend that anyone interested in soap making take the Little Soap School course – it’s a fun experience and relaxing at the same time.  I decided there and then that this was something I wanted to do more of.  Whether that is only a hobby or something I can do as employment, only time will tell.  In the meantime, I’m pondering new recipes to try out…..


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