Lovely crafty people and wedding favours

Howdy folks,

We’ve been quiet for a while as we have had the pleasure of creating wedding favours for my brother’s wedding.  This was our very first commission and first large scale (well, fairly large scale) production.  As we have only been making small test batches while learning we quickly saw the need for getting some proper equipment for larger batch sizes and for cutting soaps – rather than me pretending to be a samurai while using our kitchen knives to cut batches.

I thought I’d share these excellent suppliers with the rest of the soaper community via our blog as our experience with their products has been really good.


Lovely crafty people

For the larger mould, we ordered a really good quality solid wood mould with a removable silicone liner from The Mould Shop – their large loaf mould holds about 1.5kg of soap batter and has improved the shape of our bars significantly.


For the cutting block and blades we headed straight over to Etsy and found some excellent suppliers with reasonable prices.  For the cutting block we found a shop called Skullmold and purchased the Moso Bamboo block.  The wire cutter it comes with is not great but as we’re using blades that’s not a problem.  The block has an adjustable stop for ensuring your bars are the right width and slots for cutting blades.  This is the perfect size for the loaves made in the above mentioned mould.

For the blades, we found a supplier called HerMolds who provided a straight and ridged blade that fits the cutting block we purchased perfectly.  Not much to say about that – they cut soap just fine I guess?


For the wedding favours themselves, we were creating mini bars that would be presenting in organza bags with a personalised thank you tag and paper flowers securing the tag.  I swiftly found out that these kind of things are SUPER expensive from regular craft stores and was overjoyed to find good prices from lovely crafty people on Ebay .

For the personalised gift tags we found green_foxy – their choice of tags is excellent, price very good and they deliver a really quick service too.

For the paper flowers we found kerstin7271 – again, the quality and price could not be faulted and, considering that items were coming from Thailand, very quick service!

For the organza bags we found k2-accessories_07 – excellent price, quick service and quality products from them too!


Everything came together beautifully and the bride, groom and wedding guests were all impressed by how the favours looked (thanks to the above suppliers) and smelled (we’ll take the glory for that one!).  Here’s how it all came together …





As this was our first time producing anything for members of the public (even though we knew most of them) we really wanted to get our name out there so that people may want to either use our services in the future or visit our shop (when it’s up and running).  To that end we wanted some business cards that would drive home the nature of our little business and help promote handmade and natural products.  So again we headed over to Etsy and found the excellent AnnsPaperie based in Texas.  Ann makes handmade and recycled stationary of all kinds – cards, favours, tags, signage, invites / save the dates – and we thought her designs were fantastic and matched exactly the type of image we are trying to promote (with the bonus of being both handmade – crafty people for the win! – and recycled).  Ann provided previews of the design really quickly and shipped within a couple of days – her communication was excellent throughout and I’d highly recommend that others check her shop out.  Here is an example of our awesome card – thanks Ann! …





Totally unrelated to soap making now – we also want to recommend a super-talented artist friend of ours Lucy Eaton .  Lucy’s work mainly focuses on nature – trees, flowers and little worlds made up of those.  Lucy recently completed a commissioned piece for us and it is now in pride of place in our living room.  We wanted something bright and just gave Lucy the direction of – ‘use lots of bright colours’.  Lucy really excelled and we now have this beautiful piece or art in our home (excuse my rubbish phone camera for the one on the right!) –




Thank you very much Lucy!  If anyone would like to see Lucy’s current stock of art and crafty things available, take a look at her Etsy store here


Thanks for reading – that’s all from us for now.  I hope to have some awesome news by the time the next blog entry comes around regarding our business.

You stay classy internet peoples.


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