Chris and CorinneWe’re Chris and Corinne.  We enjoy making soaps, eating good food, walking in the countryside and on the beach, sci-fi/fantasy/animated movies, comic books, meeting llamas and spending as much time as we can together.  We have two cats – Gambit and Tali – who share (own) our home and take up more than their share of space!  When we’re not making soaps Corinne also loves her garden and craft-work, pretty much anything with interesting textures and pleasant smells and Chris loves playing guitar and quaffing fine ale.  We will soon be selling our soap on Etsy and our Blog charts our journey from newbies to bona-fide soap makers.

Our interest in soap making started with Corinne simply trying out some melt and pour kits which, while it was fun, didn’t produce the kind of quality soap that was desired. We wanted a more natural feeling soap that retained it’s aroma and was kind to the skin.  A couple of years went by and, after attending a Cold Process soap making training course, we found that this was really something we love doing together and wanted to see whether this was something we could actually do as more than a hobby.  After working in the IT industry for a long time, a more simple life beckons where we can enjoy making lovely, useful things and seeing the fruits of our labour at the end of each day – we live in hope that one day we may be able to do this as our main job.

We aim to make quality soaps using natural ingredients that are locally sourced and sustainable.  We also want to make something that while beautiful, is also good for you – we don’t think that’s too much to expect. 😉

Thank you for visiting us here – please don’t hesitate to say hi, ask a question or suggest an idea for a new recipe.

Chris and Corinne